Manitowoc's Christian Montessori School




 Life Academy provides an engaging learning experience, utilizing Montessori and creative teaching methods.  Students are guided through their work in a way that will kindle a devotion  to learn. 


Our 3K-4K students have the option of 3 (Mon, Tues, Thur) or 5 days.  This must be decided upon enrollment.

Montessori Teaching method ...

  • Dynamic learning activities to capture student interest
  • Customized and flexible
  • Lessons according to what each student needs to learn
  • Partnering with you to see your child has a solid foundation of learning


I think Life Academy is wonderful! It has given my children a very unique experience to grow in a way that they wouldn't get in any other private school and or public school. My children are learning how to live and live a life empowered by the Holy Spirit. Which is an amazing thing to watch them grow and the way they have grown since being a part of Life Academy.